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EU Member since 1972
Other Memberships Eurozone, Bologna Process, OECD
Currency € (EURO)
Capital Dublin
Area 70,273 sq km
Population 4,775,982 (July 2013 est.)
Language English, Irish
Religion oman Catholic 87.4%, Church of Ireland 2.9%, other Christian 1.9%, other 2.1%
GDP $ 47,478 (2011)
GNI $ 33,520 (2011)
SGI 7.37 out of 10 (2011)
CPI 69 out of 100 (2012)
Architecture Georgian architecture
Literature Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Seamus Heaney
Music Irish trad, Riverdance, Irish jigs; Van Morrison, The Dubliners, Enya, U2 , The Cranberries, Boyzone, Celtic Thunder, The Pugues
Painting Francis Bacon, Louis le Brocquy
Cuisine Barmbrack (Halloween currant cake), Colcannon (potatoe, kale, butter), Soda Bread, Dublin Coddle (sausage, bacon, onions, potatoes in beef stock), boxty (potatoe pancake). Delicacies: White and black pudding (types of sausage)
Drinks Whiskey, Porter and Stout beers (Guiness), Red Ales (Smithwicks), Irish Coffee, Mead (Honey wine), Poitin (grain “moonshine”)
Consumption 14.41 equivalent liters of pure ethyl alcohol per capita per year (WHO, 2005)
Sports Gaelic football, soccer, rugby
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24 May 2014

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