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EU Member since 1952 (founding member)
Other Memberships NATO, Schengen Area, Eurozone, Bologna Process, OECD
Currency € (EURO)
Capital Luxembourg
Area 2,586 sq km
Population 514,862 (July 2013 est.)
Language Luxembourgish (national language), German (administrative language), French (administrative language)
Religion Roman Catholic 87%, other (includes Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim) 13% (2000)
GDP $ 114,231 (2011)
GNI $ 64,110 (2011)
SGI 7.60 out of 10 (2011)
CPI 80 out of 100 (2012)
Architecture Romanesque, Gothic, Contemporary
Literature Edmond de la Fontaine (Dicks), Michel Rodange
Music Edmond de la Fontaine, Laurent Menager, Guy Theisen (Leslie Kent) Legotrip, Kate, MOTB
Painting Theo Kerg, Joseph Kutter, Michel Majerus
Cuisine Judd mat Gaardebounen (smoked neck of pork with beens and cream), Quetschentaart (plum tart), Gromperekichelcher (potatoe biscuits), F'rell am Rèisleck (trout in Riesling). Delicacies: Ardennes ham smoked in saltpeter, Éisleker Ham, Kachkéis (soft cheese)
Drinks Elbing, Rivaner and other white wines, cremants wines (sparkling), Drëpp or eau de vie (fruit hard liquor), beer
Consumption 13.01 equivalent liters of pure ethyl alcohol per capita per year (WHO, 2005)
Sports Tennis, Cycling, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball
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24 May 2014

Adolphe-Bride-LuxembourgAdolphe Bridge, Luxembourg source: © EU 2013

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