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EU Member since 1952 (founding member)
Other Memberships NATO, Schengen Area, Eurozone, Bologna Process, OECD
Currency € (EURO)
Capital Amsterdam
Area 41,543 sq km
Population 16,805,037 (July 2013 est.)
Language Dutch (official), Frisian (official)
Religion Roman Catholic 30%, Protestant 20% (Dutch Reformed 11%, Calvinist 6%, other Protestant 3%), Muslim 5.8%, other 2.2%, none 42% (2006)
GDP $ 50,085 (2011)
GNI $ 43,150 (2011)
SGI 7.63 out of 10 (2011)
CPI 84 out of 100 (2012)
Architecture Rationalism, Amsterdam School Expressionist Architecture, New Objectivity , Dutch Traditionalist (Delft School); Hendrik Petrus Berlage
Literature Joost van den Vondel, Jacob Cats, Louis Couperus, Willem Frederik Hermans, Eduard Douwes Dekker (Multatuli)
Music Levenslied, Clog dancing, Kaseko, Indorock, Nederpop, Nederhop, Boerenrock; Jan Sweelinck, Louis Andriessen, Golden Earring, Schocking Blue, Afrojack, Pitchwheel, The Tielman Brothers, Anouk, BZB, 2 Unlimited
Painting Hieronymus Bosch, Harmenszoon van Rijn Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, Peter Paul Rubens, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Jan van Eyck, Anthony Van Dyck, Piet Mondrian, Leo Gestel
Philosophy Erasmus of Rotterdam, Baruch Spinoza
Cuisine Rijsttafel (Indonesian “rice table”), Bitterbal (fried breaded food roll), Kruidkoek (spiced cake), Fryske dúmkes (biscuits), Raw herring, Hachee (stew), Snert (pea soup), Hutspot (mashed potatoes, onions, carrots and onions), Slavink (ground meat wrapped in bacon). Delicacies: Metworst, Rookworst, Edam and Leyden cheese, Kibbeling (battered fish), Stamppot (Mashed veggies with rookworst sausage), Stroopwafels, Oliebollen (New Year’s pastries), Hollandse Nieuwe Haring (raw herring with chopped onions)
Drinks Beer, Beerenburg bitters, Jenever (juniper liquor), Advocaat (creamy liquor)
Consumption 10.05 equivalent liters of pure ethyl alcohol per capita per year (WHO, 2005)
Sports Soccer, field hickey, volleyball, tennis
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24 May 2014

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